Holistic Healing Points

NES Total Wellness System

In only minutes, NES ProVision scans a client’s body-field, determining distortions and blockages that correlate bio energetically to the physical body. It’s used along with NES Infoceuticals, which are liquid remedies for correcting the body-​​field.  

A scan returns multiple screens with detailed and physiologically accurate graphics of various aspects of the body, including, but not limited to:

How natural and manmade energy fields are affecting the body-field.

 If distortions in how the body deals with these fields are not corrected first, then no health therapy, no matter what it is, will be entirely effective and any healing results may be short term.  

Bioenergetic distortions and blockages in individual body systems and processes.

The scan is incredibly comprehensive, covering a range of correlations from hormones and enzymes to specific types of cells and tissues;  from organs and muscles to bones to brain structures.  

The bioenergetics of how nutrition and diet are impacting the body, including its ability to process vitamins, minerals and more.

The scan results also include recommendations for NEStrition supplementation.  

Emotional and mental states, including the bioenergetic effects of memories, past conflicts, shocks, and traumas.

ProVision provides truly impressive levels of detail on these and other aspects of the body-field and body in an easy-to-understand way. It also prioritizes corrections according to NES body-field theory and makes recommendations for the most effective Infoceuticals based on the current scan.  And I also have miHealth – the very latest in technology from NES.  miHealth is an amazing piece of technology that’s been designed and built to work, seamlessly, with the ProVision Scanner and NES Infoceuticals.  Correction of these essential criteria can be vital in solving a wide range of complaints, including digestion, weight, muscular, nervous system, and skin problems as well as fatigue, headaches, and other health problems.  After a short time using the remedies, most clients experience increased health, vitality, mental and emotional clarity.