Holistic Healing Points


Article from

Acupuncture Today
June, 2002, Vol. 03, Issue 06 

Esogetic Colorpuncture: A Complete Aculight Therapy System for Body, Mind, and Spirit
By Manohar Croke

Use of colored light as a treatment modality is a rapidly growing area of experimentation for many acupuncturists. Used either to complement or replace traditional needling techniques, practitioners are finding that treatment of acupoints with colored light adds new dimensions to their work. Light offers a gentle, pain-free, noninvasive therapeutic alternative with no side-effects. Many light therapies may be continued at home by the patient, thereby reducing treatment costs. In addition, light exhibits a unique capacity to effect psychological and spiritual healing while simultaneously supporting physical healing. Esogetic colorpuncture is a complete system of aculight therapy developed over the past 25 years by German naturopath and acupuncturist Peter Mandel. It combines concepts of acupuncture with the latest research on the way light functions in the body coming from the field of modern biophysics. Like acupuncture, colorpuncture presupposes that the balanced flow of energy through the meridian system will support good health. However, colorpuncture achieves this by introducing vibrational information into the body in the form of different colored light frequencies via the meridian system. For these treatments, a hand-held aculight pen with insertable colored glass tips is used. The tool emits incandescent light and is battery-operated. Each colored tip is precisely set at a specific frequency within the frequency band for each color. Colorpuncture treatment consists of particular sets of points treated in sequence with specific colors. Treatment points are derived from traditional acupuncture; other holographic grid systems such as reflexology and applied kinesiology; and many points discovered by Mandel in his clinical practice.